Tourism and Leisure

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Tourism and Leisure

Tourism and Leisure

UniMP Beers Bus

Maximum speed (land) 100Km/H
passengers 40 passengers
Maximum speed (water) 8~10knots
Empty vehicle weight 19,000kg
Water driving safety device 50 life jackets, five emergency exits
Use Local government tourist attractions and water taxis

Dokdo MP Beers Cruiser/Pickup Truck

Length/width/height 5.520m / 1.930m / 2.120m
tolerance weight 2,900kg
passengers Passengers 7
Maximum speed (land) 180km/h
Maximum speed (water) 20~30knots
recommendation method Water Jet
Use Local government tourist attractions and water taxis

Electric amphibious cart

Length/width/height 3,200m / 1.650m / 1.350m
tolerance weight 300kg
passengers 2 persons
Maximum speed (land) 30km/h
Maximum speed (water) 5~10km/h
Use Leisure use, no separate driving price required, leisure use

Sea Breacher

Length/width/height 5.212m / 1.066m / 2.042m
Highest Output 100kw/136hp
Maximum speed (land) 88.51km/h
Maximum speed (water) 40.23km/h
Use Leisure use

Jet boat

passengers 12 passengers
Maximum speed (water) 30knots
tolerance weight 2,000kg
recommendation method Water Jet
Use Leisure use

small amphibious bus

Maximum speed (land) 100km/h
passengers 12-seater leisure
Maximum speed (water) 10~15knots
tolerance weight 5,000kg
Water driving safety device 15 life jackets, 25 emergency exits
Use pensions and small group tours