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Company overview

Great Money Investment Group Co.,Ltd.

우리가 즐기는 관광·레저문화, 이제 그 가치가 달라집니다.



Business Model


Value Proposition
One-Stop Tourism
(land tourism + sea tourism)


Competitive Strategy
Sustainability Management
(Tourism Service + Secure Competitiveness)


Revenue flow
Maximization of profit creation
(convenience + scarcity + economic feasibility)


Delivery method
Two tours at once for one price!
Securing potential demand


Value chain
complex tourism service
(city tour + sea tour)


Target Market
Reasonable/Convenience Travel Preference
(Domestic and International Tourists + Potential Customers)

Profit Model

amphibious vehicle

  • +
Design and manufacture
We manufacture amphibious vehicles with Korea's only technology
Tour service operation
We directly operate a land, sea, and amphibious tour program
Domestic and overseas sales/delivery
We sell finished vehicles for domestic and overseas sales/delivery
Customized design for each application
We deliver after custom designing a particular vehicle suitable for the purpose.
Diversity of markets
Tourism, leisure, defence industry, transportation, rescue car, etc.

Future Plans

Busan Tourism International Tourism City Marine Tourism Business


Course A (mainly on land tourism)

Course B (Gwangalli-Suyeong River Course)

Offshore 2.2km 4.5km
Athletics 14km 12km
Origin Near Busan Port In front of Shinsegae Department Store
Standing water Yeongdo Waterfront Park On the right under the left Suyeong Bridge, Suyeongman Yacht Stadium, In front of Samik Apartment
The balance of payments next to the Busan Opera House near Busan Port On the right under the left Suyeong Bridge, Suyeongman Yacht Stadium, In front of Samik Apartment
Marine tourism Busan Port - Godaegyo Bridge - Jagalchi Market - Kangkangi Village - Hanjin Shipyard - Busan Port Bridge around Yeongdo Off the coast of Gwangalli -Under Gwangan Bridge-Upstream of Suyeong River
Land tourism a trip around Yeongdo Island Cinema Center - Shinsegae Department Store - BEXCO - The top of Gwangan Bridge - Gwangalli Beach - Millak Waterfront Park
Ⅰ. Safety and quality improvement

1. Individual safety equipment

2. Operation of a drone safety system for reconnaissance

3. Establishment of a cooperative system for county offices/Maritimes

Ⅱ. Developing a domestic market

1. Signed MOU with local governments

- In Korea-Busan, Tongyeong, Pohang, etc.

2. Special Vehicle

- Fire Department, Coast Guard, Police Boat, Ministry of Defense - Production of patrol and rescue vehicles
Ⅲ. Overseas market development

1. Export of recreation/tourist destinations to Southeast Asia

- Philippines, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia, etc.

2. Market development plan

- Middle East, Europe, the Americas, etc.